Hosting Account Information

Website hosting is essentially the core function to operating anything on the internet today. Website’s must be hosted somewhere by someone. Currently there are only a handful of companies who actually have in-house servers. A large majority of companies that offer hosting services are just a middleman.

National SEO believes in being 100% transparent with our clients. The internet and website industry is changing rapidly. By creating your own hosting account, this ensures that you retain ownership over your domain and website. It also increases your overall website security. 

Where do you buy a domain name or hosting account?

We recommend visiting a few of the following websites. You will be able to create a hosting account along with a domain name to be registered with your account. Be sure to setup automatic payments that way you are able to automatically renew your domains or hosting account every month or year.

If you have any questions or problems setting up a hosting account or buying a domain please feel free to contact us any time.

Hosting a website can include average monthly costs of $5 – $50. Our recommended host is WPEngine. Several of our top clients use their services.
Prices start at 29 per month.